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Training the Feet (Lyn Watson O.T. and Renee Watson)

Review of the anatomy of the foot and fascia release exercises. Unwinding the feet and improving posture and gait. We will cover specific exercises for fall prevention.

Extension on the Reformer (Tanya Thompson)

Join me as we delve into the world of enhancing spinal extension and building strength on the Pilates Reformer. In this session, we will explore a diverse range of techniques, each meticulously designed to optimize your experience. By adjusting the levers and loads on the Reformer, we can tailor exercises to target specific areas of the back and address how you can use the Reformer to take better care of various spinal pathologies. With proper guidance and modifications, you’ll develop the capacity to overcome limitations and achieve remarkable results. This comprehensive approach will revolutionize your understanding of spinal extension and strength training on the Reformer. So don’t miss out – let’s embark on this transformative journey together and unlock your full teaching potential.

Brain-based Pilates (Simone Sittig and Baptiste Herbert)

Optimize muscle contractility in Pilates exercises and inspire pain-free movement with the latest neuromuscular and myofascial principles in neuroscience.

Learn the importance of marrying Pilates and Functional Neurology, to understand how the nervous system controls movement and detects dysfunction.

Specific drills, such as Functional Neurology muscle testing and sensory signal application, will be taught to identify and address pain and muscle inhibition. The workshop also emphasizes the role of fascia in communicating with the nervous system and provides techniques for enhancing movement and improving your ability to perform Pilates exercise optimally.

Ayurveda: The Six Tastes (Rene Lambert)

Introducing the five elements: Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.

Combining elements 3 doshas: Vata -space holds air, Pitta- Fire, Kapha earth holds water.

The qualities and rhythms of the doshas.

The physical seats of doshas: Kapha-Chest & head, Pitta Digestive system, Vata- Large colon & legs/feet.

Digestive system: agni & ama.

The six tastes: one of the most useful tools in balancing our Doshas. Spices & herbs

Jungle Yoga (Britt Stroebel)

A high-energy blend of interpretative vinyasa and deep breath work, set to soulful and grounding bass beats. The focus on organic and animalistic imagery lends itself to a unique experience for each individual, allowing the imagination to roam free and invoke our spirit animal essence to guide us through a creatively sequenced flow and nature-centred visualisation. This is a space to let go, take ourselves a little less seriously, and enjoy the gift of moving our bodies.

Power of your BIOME (Nicole Sherwin) *no CPDs for this session

Balancing the Skin, Gut and Mental Biome for Ultimate Rejuvenation 

Pilates & The Vagus Nerve (Renee Watson)

What is the vagus nerve? How does it serve us? And how can we stimulate the vagus nerve?
Join Renee for this informative and practical session as we combine movement with breath to de-stress, relax, and improve mood and resilience—all the wonderful functions of the vagus nerve!

Bound to Bounce (Liane Brink)

This session will consist of a 30-minute dive into looking at “Reboundology” through the lens of “Contrology”.

Bound to Bounce explores the Pilates principles and their way of coming to life by using a quality rebounder in a mindful and controlled way. Benefits like increased lymphatic flow and cardiorespiratory endurance will be discussed shortly.

Each participant will have the opportunity to feel the magic of increased G-force on a rebounder provided. Set to invigorating music, the next 50 minutes will consist of a Bound to Bounce class.

This class will focus on how we can expand the amount of work we do while using our energy, oxygen, and time efficiently. By tuning into our bodies, we will also refine our bouncing to the best possible quality.

Finding Flow (Leigh Bosch)

There is no doubt we are living in tumultuous times. Uncertainty and volatility can leave us feeling stuck and overwhelmed, unsure of where to move next, and doubting our capabilities and our capacities..

Working with metaphor is powerful and moving. It encourages us to expand our awareness beyond the physical form and, in this case, to our innate connection to nature and the natural elements.

The element of water. Adaptable and flowing water. Life-giving and healing, representing intelligence and wisdom. As soft and calm as a tranquil lake and as powerful as crashing waves and ice-cracking rocks. Mutable in its form – solid, liquid, or vapour. As deep and as vast as the depths of the ocean.

We lean into this, and tools that are always with us—the body, the breath, the present moment – to find acceptance, to connect to our propensity to adapt, to find a sense of ease and ultimately flow

This is a full being immersive somatic experience incorporating:

  • Sound
  • Breathwork
  • Kriya and lymphatic practices encourage connection to the deep core and circulation of the fluids of the body (lymph and blood)
  • Conscious movement forms including yoga asanas, qigong, tai chi and dance
  • A guided meditation in the form of Yoga Nidra

Cleanse & Revitalise (Dominique Beaumont)

Back by popular demand, Dominique’s Cleanse & Revitalise Workshop has been redesigned to incorporate the Reformer.

In this workshop, we revisit the core concepts of the original workshop – exploring the lymphatic system, how it works, and how to use movement & breath to encourage our bodies to cleanse & revitalise. To flush toxins from our cells, improve circulation, and eliminate stress & tension from the body.

We then apply this to dynamic, creative & fun repertoire on the Reformer. Using spring variations, different setups, and shifts in tempo & pace to experience the ultimate Cleansing & Revitalising experience.

“As teachers, we can offer our clients innovative & interesting ways to optimise their movement experience and over health & wellbeing while working on Reformer.
I look forward to sharing it with you”

Spiralling into Spaciousness (Anneke Kruger)

“Spiralling into Spaciousness,” is a transformative fascia-focused movement flow designed for curious movement professionals like you! Discover the art of fluidity and multidimensional movements that allow us to expand into space.

During the movement class, we will experience how fascia-focused training and applying specific movement techniques can boost space within but also empower us to take up space in the world.

The Anatomy Trains and Slings in Motion-inspired class is a blend of intelligent movement choreography, somatic techniques, and conscious awareness.

The myofascial meridians in focus are the Deep Front Line, our bodywide myofascial core, the Lateral Line, linked to special awareness, and the energetic Spiral Line.

The class will leave you with a deep sense of calm yet feeling strengthened and energised, ready to embrace the rest of the day.

I hope you will join me to unlock new realms of spaciousness in your practice.

Gyrokinesis Class (Megan McLaren)

The exercises are performed seated on small stools, mats and standing
There is a continual rhythmical flow throughout the class consisting of a series of Spiraling, Arching, curling and circular movements with corresponding breathing patterns.
The result is an overall body conditioning focusing on strength, flexibility and decompression of the joints specifically the Spine, thus enabling a deep
Awakening of the senses and neurological pathways
Simply “The Art of Exercising and Beyond “
with total Expansion of the Body!

Yoga for Teens (Sam Hozack)

“The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness.”
Sakyong Mipham.

In the neverending stream of fast-paced pressures and tasks, it’s so important to take a moment to think about what our teenagers really need and understand a little about what they are truly searching for as they navigate the stormy waters of their adolescence.

We discuss what the teenager’s body is so busy doing physically and recognise the chemical changes that can bring about misunderstood and big emotions.

Helping the teenagers understand the most effective healthy choices for themselves with regards to the importance of sleep, nutrition and movement.

Thereby unifying the mind, body and spirit.

We introduce effective breathing techniques and calming meditation, themed discussion to enhance support.

The yoga postures are introduced in a fun way, working individually as well as collectively and provide teens with opportunities for connection to self as well as helping to forge meaningful relationships with others.

Join Sam as we explore these aspects and discover how we can share this most beautiful life practice with our teens in order to help them find peace within and carry it with them throughout their lives.

Extension on Reformer (Tanya Thompson)

We will review the biomechanics and anatomy of the CORE. Learn how to deal with clients presenting back pathologies such as a herniated disc, stenosis, and spondylolisthesis working on the Reformer and props.
What to do and what to avoid for safety.

Working with Fascia: An Introduction to The Franklin Method (Christy Smith)

This workshop aims to introduce participants to the Franklin Method® approach to working with and improving, the “behaviour” of our body’s fascial system.

This includes exploring the nature and properties of Fascia and its relationship to movement, posture and pain.

It will also take a look at the Franklin Method’s use of the principles of Embodiment®, Neurocognitive Imagery® and Touch, with specific reference to the lower back, neck and shoulders.

New Frequency Merging (Bryan Mac & Laughing Abe)

Both a guided meditation and a Sound Journey.
Smattering of pranayama & movement.

Conscious Breathwork (Mike Viljoen)

Get ready to challenge your body and mind while having a blast. Be creative with props and bring some imagination into your Pilates Mat class!

Mike will explain the Breathing techniques involved to induce the naturally healing and rebalancing Altered state of consciousness, what to expect physically and emotionally with the process and guide the participants through the experience and Soundjourney….

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a breathing technique that induces a deeply healing Altered state of consciousness which activates the bodies’ inner healing intelligence, expands awareness and relieves physical tension and stress in the body as well as trauma from the past and suppressed emotions.

It cleanses the body, is powerfully insightful, unblocks stuck energy & rebalances the body on all levels creating positive shifts….

It’s an introspective, eyes closed, lying down process to specific music.

Spinefitter (Carla van der Merwe)

SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® is an innovative physical therapy and training device with 28 interconnected balls that relieve tension and improve joint mobility with deep pressure. SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® enhances movement using deep pressure and open fibrous connective tissue in the spine, targeted body regions, and muscle groups. Join Carla for this demonstration and have a personal experience of SPINEFITTER. 

Grief Recovery Yoga (Abedah Musengi-Van Staden)

Grief is a shared human experience and an important journey that we will all go through. Join Abedah for a community discussion and practice focused on connecting to and processing grief.

Topics of Discussion

  • Learn about grief and how to support yourself and other grieving people.
  • Self-care during your grieving journey.Listening skills – how to be present with those who are grieving.
  • Grief expressions and rituals.
  • Conscious dying and caring for those who are dying.
  • Creating a purpose to lead a full life before you meet the end of it.
  • 30-minute guided Yoga for Grief class.

Tai Chi: from stillness we expand (Natalie Wittwen) 

Balance is inherent in the philosophy of Tai Chi and expressed in the yin-yang symbol. Every posture is the creation of your mind. With this awareness, our movements can be refined in a slow, relaxed manner, without lowering the intensity of the exercises, it does however, reduce the risk of injury. In this workshop, we will explore polarities such as expansion/contraction, bending/stretching, linear/circular, slow pace/fast pace. Being aware of one’s own sensory ecology facilitates the development of more refined movements, a sense of calm-control-flow and increased energy reserves within the body.

So please join Natalie in this workshop, expanding your sensory experience as well as your Chi-Energy first thing in the morning!

Reflexology (Brigitte Aubery) 

All the organs of the body can be mapped out on the feet.  In this lecture, you will learn about how the organs of the body are mapped out on the feet, the meridians and their pathways, and also the story your feet can tell about your health.  You will also learn to give a mini-reflexology treatment to your partner and feel the benefits of a reflexology massage.

Fascia as a felt sense (Antoinette Kavanagh) 

Fascia is the largest sensing organ of the body
Somatic healing is most efficient when we are informed by the science of felt sense
It allows us to dive a little deeper into how the body can heal itself

Find out what makes our fascia sensory
Learn how to tune in with interoceptive awareness
Explore the difference between moving & cueing to body sensation as opposed to body position

Fascia heals at a particular frequency
Somatic awareness helps us tune into our sensory wisdom to find that frequency 
As therapists, it gives us new ways to access the efficient nature of our design

Pilates Mat Masterclass 

Get ready to challenge your body and mind while having a blast. Be creative with props and bring some imagination into your Pilates Mat class! 

Yin Yoga: expand into your full potential (Kerry Marais) 

In Traditional Chinese medicine, the element of wood(the season of spring) represents new growth & expansion. When the wood element is balanced and strong we have courage, tolerance & flexibility. When the wood element is weak there is an underlying anger of the world and everything around us. In this Yin class, we will look at this element in more depth becoming more aware of where we might feel blocked, stuck and not able to expand &express ourselves. Learning how to refine and shift to create more space and freedom to expand into your full potential.

Movement: the body’s language (Louise Knoop) 

If we are to guide movement to a variety of physical beings, we need a diverse vocabulary. 

This session will focus on how we speak to the body in front of us as well as how teaching feels in our own bodies.

Experiential and light as always.

Investigating Personal Ceremony Space (Britt Stroebel) 

How do you hold space for yourself? How do you show your unique self some love? Where and how can you make more time for peace and contentment in your daily life?

So often we feel overwhelmed by the spiritual opportunity and modalities that it can be difficult to pick a starting point and get going…and then to keep going. In this workshop we delve into the various forms of creating a sacred space for yourself, how to clear and shift energy, how to hold simple and beautifully rich ceremonies utilising our everyday elements and ways we can understand the human psyche to build positive habits in our everyday lives. Through this workshop, you will be inspired to start small, understand how to grow and learn how to water your own personal garden of spirituality in order to flourish.

Shake Yourself Free…with TRE! (Tania Bownes) 

All human beings experience stress. Without effective relief, our muscles build up tension, resulting in a range of aches and pains. Our hormone levels rise. Our bodies are on constant “high alert” and we find ourselves in a state of ongoing stress – from restlessness to not sleeping, angry to enraged, anxious to panicky, moody to depressed, with anything from stiff necks to irritable bowels.

TRE is a means of de-stressing, be that stress is a result of difficult life circumstances or traumatic life experiences. The tension is literally shaken out from the nervous system and past traumas or current stresses are integrated. TRE is totally body-centred, so no part of the “story” is discussed. Once learned, TRE is a technique for life – a self-healing tool, that can be done alone at home, as needed. The result: greater centredness and calm and relief from ongoing body aches and locked-in repetitive mental stress patterns.

In this class/mini workshop, I will share some theory about TRE, then we will do some simple movements to both fatigue the muscles and activate the fascia, before moving to the mat to begin a neurogenic tremor (nerve to muscle). This is a natural, organic process done by all wild animals, children and adults during times of trauma or even after tough exercise. Yes, shaking is natural! We will allow the body to release gently, learning to regulate the nervous system so there is no overwhelm, no hysteria, no “letting it all out”. Quite the opposite. It is about keeping the body totally safe, breathing, waiting and being the compassionate witness so that the body can gently begin to release the inner tension patterns. Having done this work on myself for 11 years, I can truly say it is a beyond powerful, simple self-help tool that has been quite life changing for me!