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Since 2001, CME has become known for it’s exceptional quality of courses and workshops throughout Southern Africa and internationally. Now CME is taking teacher training to the next level by providing MENTORING for students and newly-certified teachers. Many organizations offer courses that teach repertoire, class design, client assessments, etc, but then students are left to their own devices to complete the course requirements and hours. Even once students have achieved their certification, they lack confidence in their teaching ability.

The CME Mentoring Program has been designed to build confidence, develop teaching skills, to show students how to manage group classes, and simply put, TO TEACH YOU HOW TO TEACH! We partner students with a Source (or CM Network) faculty member who assesses which areas of skills development are needed and how to tackle completing the course.  This program is open to anyone who feels they will benefit from this guidance and mentorship. Students may come from Conscious Movement Education or any other education Organization and they can be either Pilates or Yoga students. This means the program is tailor-made for each student and their specific needs.

Tuition for 25 hours of mentoring (face-to-face, emails, phone calls) is only R3000, and hours are set by the mentors/mentees. Contact for more information or to register.

Alternatively, please download the registration form for our Mentorship Program 2017 here!
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“Firstly, I strongly recommend mentoring for anyone and everyone at any stage. Before I started, I assumed the Mentorship program would suit only beginners like me. But as I am understanding the diversity of Pilates teachings, I can see that even well experienced instructors can benefit from receiving constructive feedback about one’s owns approach.
I am just a beginner student of Pilates. I do not have any background in anything similar. The idea of teaching was terrifying to say the least and quite overwhelming. I found myself struggling how to progress with the course. I have been very lucky to have had Laura take me under her wing. It was shocking to me, after my first hour with her everything became clearer and most importantly my confidence boosted drastically. I couldn’t wait for my next session with her. I plan on continuing my Mentorship program throughout my training. I feel this is the best opportunity to have professional feedback as my training progresses, which in turn will help me develop into a professional instructor up to date with the current demands of this industry.
I strongly believe that you can never stop learning and this program is a much easier way to help you along the way.”