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Pilates Mat Class: Closing the Chain with Anula Maiberg

A class using the magic circle or band to create a closed chain whenever possible. 

Where Should I Be Feeling This:

What’s wrong with that question? Why is it ok to politely decline to answer? Pilates is a practice, a lifestyle and a method of movement. We are not healers, doctors or therapists. We teach Pilates and that is more than enough.

Do we “owe” our students a “burn”? Does “not feeling” it mean a movement has no value? Is it within our scope of practice to tailor a session to our student’s individual nervous systems? Are our student’s feelings or lack of feeling or feeling in the “wrong” places facts?

Can we help our students find a better more useful vocabulary for sensation, pain, muscle activation and harm?

Why is one muscle better than another? The lower back sensation is bad. The abdominal sensation is good. Neck sensation is bad. Tricep sensation is good. These are value judgments. What are they based on and how can we guide a session with less sensation biased judgments?

Mobilize to Stabilize:

This workshop is geared toward exploring end-range movement and joint mobility. Why more movement equals improved stability. We will obsess on the notion of: full expression of human potential at any age. We will cover how finding one’s personal best is only the beginning. What happens when we take the springs away and why sometimes we should. Because if we can we must. Some other topics will include: why shapes repeat in Pilates protocols and why it matters. How repeated patters can be used towards ease of movement and more flowing transitions. How does speed change the meaning of a movement? This workshop is open to all humans at any level of practice. Be ready to work hard and arrive with an open mind.

Pilates Mat Class: Vertical Limit:

A mat class with a focus on seated, kneeling and standing.

Rotation, Extension and Lateral Flexion:

In this class, we will find the obvious and the hidden spirals of the Chair and delve into the purpose of the apparatus. The Chair is small but its springs are very strong. The accuracy required to feel comfort inflow on the Chair can be very challenging. Why is it sometimes underused and how can we find a vocabulary around making it more popular for daily use. The key may be in the rotational aspects of the spine.

Return to Life Re-imagined:

A class investigating what could come next after mastering the original work. 

Pilates Mat Class: Getting Obsessed:

A mat class with a focus on investigating if small details make a big difference.

Transferable Skills:

Why shapes repeat in Pilates protocols and why it matters. We will go over repeated patterns and look at how they can be used towards ease of movement and more flowing transitions. We will also discuss how speed changes the meaning of the movement. We will delve into what is the purpose of certain movements and why giving the work personal meaning changes our outlook as professionals.

Moon Practice with Sam Vietri

Medicine for the modern mind. Moon practice is a deep, delicious and nourishing practice. Longer holds and a space to create stability and calmness in body and mind. Asana coupled with a focus on conscious and extended exhalations to guide awareness inwards takes us to a place of pure stillness that exists beyond the thinking mind. Moon practice is the foundation, grounding and stability. Always take the Moon with you.

Caliente Espinale Hot. Spine. Dance with Ianthe

What Is Caliente Espinale®?

Caliente Espinale® is:

  • A uniquely designed dance exercise programme created specifically for the purpose of spinal rehabilitation improved functional movement and integrated body wellness which is essential for spinal health.
  • A tiered system of progression for treatment of pathology of the spine.
  • Unequivocally 100% spine friendly and safe for your spine.

Borrowing from the disciplines of Pilates, biokinetics, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dance other movement modalities, the knowledge of spinal pathology from surgeons was used to set the boundaries and the endpoints of this therapeutic dance. Evolving these movement elements with the fluidity and finesse of dance movement, Caliente Espinale® has created a fun, safe, effective and sustainable program that elevates serotonin, mobilises and strengthens the whole body to support a damaged spine.

This programme is doing the most amazing work with clients and patients. Everything from post spinal surgeries to post spinal pain procedures, along with other spinal and chronic back pain conditions.

The Caliente Espinale Instructor Experience® will bring this movement programme to life through a 2- hour dance workshop including the “Caliente Orientation” (Beginner level) class format, as well as experience the class progression into a full Caliente Calido 1 and 2 (Intermediate level) class. Be ready to move, dance and express yourself with us!

Spinal rehab has never been this exciting!

Jumpboard Circuit Training with Lana de Wit

Let’s Jump! In this workshop participants will:

PART 1 Designing Jump Classes for the “Average Joe” – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced
PART 2 Explore an Athletes’ Competitive Edge  – Interval Circuit Training using fitness watches
PART 3 Jump back to your Clients with Unique Pilates Goals that can be tracked  

It’s low-impact, fun, challenging …what more could you want!

Integrating the POWER of Feminine Ritual into Real Life with Britt Stroebel

Living in our overactive society, where 80 hour work weeks are revered and a diet of coffee and power shakes are commonplace, we have lost the space for self-love. Me Time. The act of self-love is viewed as a luxury during a time when it should be a priority. Building a routine of just 5 minutes to dedicate your energy inwards will change your life! How you view the world and the world views you. Do you fèel like you don’t have the time? Is it indulgent to focus purely on yourself? Does the idea of a hippy show a practice send you running? Then this is for you! You stunningly unique human being! Let’s simplify these practices to find something you can take into regular everyday life in a realistic way.

MAP Movement with Christien Mann and Lene van Heerden

The importance of the preparation of fascia before movement: During this 3-hour workshop an outline of current research on fascia movement will be presented. From there research will be applied to practical movement. The importance of diaphragmatic breathing in different fascia planes will also be touched on.

Using breath as the first gear of all movement, we create space in Myofascial planes. Modern-day seated posture creates a lack of space, resulting in recurring chronic injuries. MAP Movement focuses on removing the chair from our clients’ bodies, which enables them to move into newly found space. Therefore MAP Movement assists to remove the fear of movement and replace it with freedom of movement. 

Understanding Scoliosis with Angie Lander

This workshop will cover theory regarding the anatomy and biomechanics of Scoliosis as well as the different types of scoliosis and their classifications. You will be taught how to assess pelvic and spinal alignment, how to recognize the asymmetries of scoliosis and shown how to interpret Cobb angle and measure trunk rotation with a scoliometer.

The practical aspect of the workshop will touch on how to create an effective exercise programme for a patient with scoliosis by working with the breath and correct muscular activation to improve the alignment and function of the curvature. We will spend some time discussing the different types of scoliosis specific exercise and which therapy is the most effective scientifically.

At the end of the workshop, you should have a better understanding of the mechanics of scoliosis and how to manage a patient’s curve with effective exercises, without aggravating scoliosis.

Cleanse and Revitalise with Dominique Beaumont

The cleansing and detoxing benefit of movement – 2 hours
Pilates & Yoga are known for their health benefits – when we stretch, strengthen and align our bodies, we are happier and stronger. But as we move, breath and flow we are also able to unlock the ability to cleanse, detox and drain our bodies of stale unwanted energy. This workshop takes you through twisting, breathing, stretching and lymphatic drainage techniques to revitalise your energy and promote your digestive and circulation systems.

Acute Awareness: 10 Bodies with Patwant Kaur

Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness. It aims to balance and integrate mind, body and soul. Through this practice, we work with all layers and levels of the being. Yogi Bhajan taught us about the 10 Bodies, each holds subtle qualities and effects. I will be sharing a kriya that works specifically with all the 10 bodies, balancing and integrating them. As we move through the kriya I will share information on each. 

Conscious Breathwork with Mike Viljoen

This workshop covers the history of the ‘rebirthing’ Breathwork process as well as the scientific, spiritual & physiological effects of breathing on the body. We will be lying down, eyes closed and experience a Guided Breathwork Process to music. We then have a group sharing and close. 

I bend so I don’t break with Renee Watson

There is strength in softness, and creating a sense of ‘openness’ can help us find our movement potential. Join Renee for this session using the mat and Pilates equipment to free up our joints and move towards more advanced repertoire! 

Yang Yin Yoga Practice with Bianca Volans

Join Bianca to explore and experience the sometimes tricky dance of EFFORT and SURRENDER in this Yang / Yin, all levels based class. Feel gravity tend to your shape, asking for effort and then inviting surrender in, and let grace enter your practice.

Wu Tai Chi workshop with Natalie Wittwen

Tai Chi comprises of multiple components including physical, cognitive and psychosocial. It is a mind-body exercise rooted in multiple Asian traditions including martial arts, traditional Chinese medicine & philosophy.  Tai Chi training integrates slow intentional movements with breathing and cognitive skills.  It aims to strengthen, relax & integrate the physical body & mind, enhancing the natural flow of chi, and to improve health, personal development & self-defence. Whilst incorporating linear and spiralling movements, we engage the fascia and connective tissues to release and melt away the tension.  Come experience this expansion, repositioning and contraction of the tensegrity of the body as a whole via the fascial web and Tai Chi.   You will be introduced to warm-up preparation exercises as well as moving postures such as ‘Golden Cockrel Stands on One Leg’ to ‘Step Back and Ride the Tiger’

“Moving mindfully and with ease, brings about a graceful way of being present as we flow through the natural course of life”

Intro to Oov with Mandy and Mattie

CORE, SLINGS & FASCIAL LINES – The New Kid on the Block

As Teachers, we all love tools that not only expose the idiosyncrasies and imbalances in our clients’ bodies but how many of them are self-correcting? Enter the Oov.

We’ve been working with the Oov for a couple of years now and continue to be astounded by the long-lasting and almost instant results we see in our clients’ bodies.  We’ve also loved what the Oov has taught us!

Shaped to support the natural curves of the spine and providing 3-dimensional instability, this new tool allows the body’s own intelligence to restore equilibrium, stability and “symmetry”, challenging the way we teach.

We’d like to share what we’ve learned from our work and we invite you to;

  • Explore ways to diagnose and help the body’s natural intelligence to self-correct specific areas of instability in the body.
  • Examine the myth of “symmetry” versus the reality of “freedom”
  • Challenge the slings and myofascial lines to help restore functionality, core stability and ease of movement.
  • Learn ways to affect the stability of specific joints, with a focus on the feet, hips and trunk
  • Understand the difference between a verbal cue and an “experienced” cue and the effects on the neuromuscular system. 

Contacting the shadow: how to rewrite the script of your life, on an ethereal stage with Monet Viljoen

You will be introduced to background information on the concept of shadow work, in the context of Jungian depth psychology, complex childhood trauma, the nervous system, mythology and archetypes. Dr Monet Viljoen will then conduct an experiential shadow work session, delving into the Greek myth of Psyche and Eros, specifically pertaining to one of the tasks Psyche was ordered to perform by Aphrodite. Using an identified and relevant trigger scenario in your personal life, Dr. Monet will take you on a journey into your shadow (unconscious mind), translating myth in relation to your challenges in everyday life, and create the platform or stage for you to evolve from being a victim to your circumstances, to being a hero/heroine in your unique life story. She will also perform an in-depth guided meditation with a breathing technique, involving the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system (self-soothing), as well as to conduct a brief trauma release exercise.

Triggers are those instances where one’s buttons are being pushed in the context of a recurring theme/pattern, by another person, and event or a situation, and with a disproportionate psycho-physiological-behavioural reaction. Triggers then serve as portals to tap the contents of the shadow, and in so doing, instilled trauma-induced limiting beliefs from childhood can be accessed and re-written, using certain tools. These tools include the use of a specific character(s) in mythology as psychopomps (mediators) between the unconscious and conscious realms, thus illuminating the shadow. Finally, you will also complete a questionnaire so as to ascertain which of seven Greek Goddess archetypes are operating most profusely in your psyche on a daily basis, along with their shadow qualities, and which archetypes are dormant and need to be brought more into the “spotlight” for a more balanced expression of yourself and your life purpose. Visit

Meditate & Integrate with Bryan Mac and Bianca Volans

In this workshop, join Bryan & Bianca as they introduce and guide you through the basic principals of guided meditation and use these principals to assist transformation and a deeper understanding of Well Being in your daily life.

Breaking Away with Alena Derby

A: is an evaluation of where we can break “movement rules” that may have been based on the needs of specific populations, but do not apply to everyone. In which we can explore ranges of movement within our own bodies and observe in others what can be done. B: is an exploration of mind-body games and variations, in which we can challenge ourselves to step out of traditional movement instructions and allow our brain and body to self organize to figure out new ways of performing the task at hand. Exercises will be targeted to the Pilates apparatus and mat.

Alexander Technique – The Right amount of Effort? with Jeri Silverman. 

Alexander Technique cultivates moment-to-moment mindfulness of how we use our bodies to facilitate greater ease while moving and being in the world. Most of us over-use and over-do resulting in excessive tension, compression, injuries etc. This workshop will be an introduction to the fundamentals of the Alexander Technique, exploring the ‘right’ amount of effort, deepening awareness into our bodies by using simple directions, which can be applied to every moment of our daily lives, whether we’re standing/dancing/sitting/teaching etc.

Pilates Flow with Renee Watson

Bring mindfulness and presence into your Pilates. And bring alignment and precision into your Yoga. Breath is the thread between all conscious movement. Join Renee for this hour of moving, connecting, and finding flow within a Pilates class. 

Slings In Motion: Vitality with Fascial movement with Anneke Kruger

Vitality stands for life force and joie de vivre. It strengthens our resilience, our capacity to develop and the ability to enjoy life to its fullest. 

Fascia forms the watery environment of our cells. Healthy living space is crucial for cell health, i.e. your vitality. With Slings Myofascial Training we specifically nourish the fascia and thus contribute directly and indirectly to the health of the billions of cells you consist of. Fabulous isn’t it!

During the workshop we will be looking at this topic more closely, we will experience how fascia training and applying specific movement techniques can boost your vitality. We will experience it all through a Slings in Motion sequence, leaving you with a deep sense of calm yet feeling strengthened and energised, ready to embrace the rest of the day.

Slings Myofascial Training is a fascia-focussed body-minded and mat-based movement concept. The myofascial continuities, Slings, are based on the Thomas W. Myers’ Anatomy Trains concept. Slings’ philosophy, training principles and exercises are compatible with a broad variety of movement modalities, including Pilates and Yoga. During this workshop, we will be using soft spikey massage balls to further enhance your experience.

Pilates Eccentrics with Louise Knoop O’Neill

A workshop looking at eccentric movement, rather than concentric contraction as the constant agonist in our Pilates drama. We will focus on the Classical Mat Exercises in “Return to Life” with the odd sidestep to the Pilates Equipment. Our goal – to get the full feeling of the Classical Mat as a wholistic practise rather than a set of exercises.

FUNdamentals of Acro with Abedah Musengi

“A new style is blossoming.”

Time to venture deep into a new practice – are you ready?

Join Abedah Musengi from Making Shapes as she guides the FUNdamentals of Acro.

Inspired by the practice of AcroYoga, we will explore a unique fusion of contact acrobatics and yoga. This style takes your yoga practice from the earth into the air. You will learn new techniques to build strength, flexibility as well as trust and teamwork between partners.

In this workshop, students of all levels will learn key tips and tricks for beginning and maintaining a partner acrobatics practice with the greatest of ease.

No prior experience with yoga or partner acrobatics needed.
You can either join alone or with a partner. Your safety is the top priority and so we encourage a fun, respectful and mindful practice.

Communication is key!

Bring: Your yoga mat and wear well-fitting and comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely

Sound Journey with David Tomsu

Sound is the sense that best illuminates for us the hidden underlying structure of Nature. Every atom, feeling and thought in the universe is vibration. Sound resonating with inner and outer space, infused with intention, is known as Sacred Sound.
It’s purpose is to clear our personal vibration, to sink into the Silent Source within. This has the effect of Soul Embodiment and connection to unconscious aspects of our deeper Being.

The session consists of a short toning, after which you will lie down and Davide will create a soundscape for your journey through inner space.

Wear loose comfortable clothing.
Please come free of commercial deodorant or perfume.
Bring a blanket & cushion, no crinkly sleeping bags.

The Miracle of Breath with Britt Stroebel

Within this workshop, we go right back to basics. We will learn the path that the breath traces through our body, what happens along that path and the best way to guide the breath along this path, in order to reap the endless benefits. We will dive into the science behind the daily act of breathing, as well as the mechanics of the breath process with regard to muscle, soft tissue and the movement of the skeleton. All this knowledge will be woven together through breathing exercises and meditation techniques, drawing on a Pranayama basis, with the guarantee of feeling like a lighter, more productive, efficient human being!

Reconnecting to the wisdom of the moving body with Petra Bongartz

“This is your body, your greatest gift, pregnant with wisdom you do not hear, grief you thought was forgotten, and joy you have never known.” (Marion Woodman)

Movement Medicine is a movement meditation practice that supports you to feel more alive, connected and resourced in your life. Bringing together the wisdom of many different traditions and practices including dance, neuroscience, shamanism and constellations work, it is deeply rooted in our connection to the natural world and the elements. It empowers you to ‘be who you are’ and ‘give what you’ve got’

Through engaging body, heart and mind together in movement, we are able to access a different kind of intelligence from the one we generally use- a more holistic and connected understanding of the world and ourselves. In the dance, we re-member ourselves as creative, choiceful and interconnected beings. We practice moving with all that life brings. Movement Medicine is a journey of discovery and an enquiry into how to be fully alive: Who are we and what is our purpose? How can we live our fullest potential and create the life we dream of?

There are no steps to learn- we simply tap into the life force that moves through all of us and that knows how to move.  Supported by inspiring music and words you are guided to discover your own unique dance of self-expression in a friendly, safe, non-judgmental welcoming atmosphere, no matter what your age, background, dance experience, appearance etc.

In this mini-workshop, you will

·      Learn how to awaken the dancer inside of you

·      Expand your freedom of expression

·      Connect with the energy and support of the elements inside and around you

·      Strengthen the integrity of your boundaries and meet life from the centre of your own circle, a place of resource, strength and choice

·      Explore and deepen the authentic connection to yourself, others and community

Come discover the medicine of your movement!

No previous experience is required. This practice is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, size, fitness, background etc