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 Ianthe Basson 


Business Owner, Pilates & Movement Wellness Practitioner, International Presenter, and “lover of all things movement wellness”! Ianthe has been in the professional movement industry since 1999 and after having experienced ongoing spine injury during her career as a professional dancer back in the early 2000s, she turned to Pilates as her primary rehab modality. The rest, as they say, is history! Totally in love and obsessed with the method of Pilates, Ianthe continued her journey into the professional Pilates teaching world from 2004 and has since then acquired numerous certifications, accolades and prestigious accomplishments both locally and internationally. Her passion and vibrant energy are infectious and her primary purpose, mission and gift in this life are to share her movement love with others. 

“I believe every person in this world has the right to enjoy movement and believe that we can overcome any difficulty, condition and circumstance we are experiencing in our body and mind through the art of Pilates and movement wellness. This is my purpose. To change the lives of many. To create global change through movement wellness, one person at a time” ~ ianthe

Tanya Thompson


I have always been passionate about movement, anatomy, science and the skill of teaching and how these 4 elements merge to create art. Hence the birth of my first company, Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement™ was established in 2002. My Pilates studio is blessed with loyal clients and Pilates students where we aim to guide them in reaching their desired goals. Understanding the Musculoskeletal system in movement on a client-specific level enables a Professional to lead their clients effectively towards their goals with Longevity in mind. My passion for excellent quality teaching and education inspired the birth of my second, which currently has members in over 45 countries with 5 International Movement Education Partners.

My objective is for Movement and Fitness Professionals to gain valuable, relevant knowledge through a platform that is user friendly, inspiring and that has their best interest at heart. With my tertiary qualifications in professional dance (Ballet, Contemporary, Spanish & Jazz), I have developed & presented specialized movement & rehabilitation courses to assist health care professionals and other movement professionals in their rehabilitation or training programs. I went on to conduct a study using an EMG & Biodex to confirm the science behind merging Musculoskeletal Movement (exercise) and the Art of Teaching. The results and outcomes of the tests were revolutionary. I have also had the privilege of working with a few of our South African cricketers as well as many other avid sportsmen and sportswomen. The studies and tests that I have done form the foundation of how we train all of our clients at Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement™ as well as how we teach our members at

Liezl Hoving


Liezl Hoving is a yoga teacher as well as an all-around curious creative explorer and educator. She is passionate about helping people uncover their potential and innate resilience through breath, movement and mindfulness. To her yoga is an integrative framework through which one can explore deeply personal experiences to heal and grow in an all-embracing manner.

Liezl began her own yoga practice in 2003 and found it to be an effective remedy for back pain, as well as anxiety and depression. After completing her first training in 2010, she began to teach in earnest in 2011. She has made several long trips to India, to experience the roots of the practice in a traditional ashram. Continued education is one of her priorities, whether through short online courses or more intensive, in-person training.

Before teaching yoga full time, Liezl explored her different interests across several industries. She worked in market research as a project manager and qualitative researcher, in education as a kindergarten teacher in Namibia and Vietnam, and in the hospitality industry as a private chef and executive catering chef for several establishments. Currently, she also consults studios & entrepreneurs on how to grow their impact and reach through digital design & presence. These collective experiences she had, has deeply shaped her understanding of our complexity and resilience as multifaceted beings.

Christy Smith

Christy Smith

Christy completed her Teacher’s Diploma in Ballet with distinction at UCT in 1995, together with her Royal Academy of Dancing Advanced Ballet and Teachers’ Certification.

She subsequently joined CAPAB Ballet (later to become Cape Town City Ballet) where she danced until 2007. She retired from dancing due to a persistent knee injury.

Christy took a year away from the company from Oct 2001-November 2002 to perform in the musical Cats, performing both in South Africa and abroad.

In 2007 Christy also completed her teacher training for Basic and Intermediate Pilates, in both mat and equipment work through what is now Conscious Movement Education. In early 2008 she became a Certified Pilates Instructor through the USA-based Pilates Method Alliance(PMA), an internationally recognised qualification. In mid-2008 she left Cape Town City Ballet to teach Pilates on a more full-time basis, specialising in Dance Conditioning and Injury Rehabilitation.

She LOVES to explore the rich and interesting possibilities of the body through Pilates – particularly in terms of movement patterns and integrated muscle-and-fascia behaviour, recognising that the body as a whole is involved in all movement in one way or another and that no two bodies are the same. She loves the fact that we never stop learning, and often takes much away from a workshop she presents thanks to the insights of the participants!

Anneke Kruger


Anneke is a fully comprehensive Pilates teacher (NCPT) and Slings Myofascial Training® Practitioner.

In addition, she has qualifications for designing Pre- and postnatal programmes, Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Nidra and is a certified Buff Bones® instructor. She specialises in the movement for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

She is a lecturer and Educator for United States-based Anatomy Trains and Swiss-based art of motion® Academy for whom she presents Anatomy Trains in Motion and Slings Myofascial training courses.

She originally trained as a Pilates Teacher in London with Body Control Pilates® in 2009 but has continued her education with a variety of teachers and schools in Europe, the United States, Australia and South Africa. She continues to attend regular training and workshops. From 2017-2020 she was a program ambassador for the New York Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries (FAMI) Workshop (Hosted by the Kane School/Kinected).

Anneke is passionate about movement and wellbeing and how this directly influences our quality of life. She offers resource orientated, integrative movement sessions. When not teaching, you can find her hiking in the mountains, dipping in the ocean or cycling downhill.

Anneke was born in Cape Town and grew up in South Africa, she moved to London in 1998 where she lived and worked until 2021. Recently she returned to South Africa, and now has a boutique movement studio in Bloubergstrand where she offers bespoke sessions.

Shannon Fenton


Shannon’s dancing background and love of creative movement led her to discover yoga in 2014. She fell in love with the strong, physical practice, but has discovered her practice extends far beyond the mat. Through The Source, Shannon completed her Yoga teacher training in 2017 and Pilates teacher training in 2020. 

Adam Suzman


I have been a homoeopathic doctor for twenty years whilst working on alchemical formulations to accelerate the process of spiritual growth, personal transcendence and quite simply freedom from anything that binds us.   I have extensive experience in Dzogchen which is the highest Tibetan Buddhist view and have fused this with homoeopathic philosophy to come to a very complete and unique view of how the patterning of the mind comes into form through mythology and how we may move beyond this using embodiment technology..   This information is new to the world and is all based on 20 years of clinical experience and personal practice and represents a radical new way of seeing how we have been caught up in suffering and reactive patterning but most importantly the way out of this, a way out everyone can understand and use.

Renee Watson 

Renee Watson

Renee began her Pilates training in 1990 while dancing in Vancouver, Canada. Renee has a strong background in health including the American Council of Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer and a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from the University of British Columbia, Canada.

After moving to Cape Town in 1997, she completed her Pilates qualification with Body Technology. Renee subsequently studied further with Dianne Miller in Vancouver, Rael Isacowitz in California and in Toronto with Stott Pilates. In 2004, Renee qualified with Body Arts & Science International and completed Dance Conditioning at Cal State University, Long Beach. She also completed her Injuries and Special Populations training with Stott Pilates in 2004.

In 2007, Renee qualified as a GYROKINESIS® instructor and also attended the GYROTONIC® course. She completed her 200-hour YTT in 2014 and brings the mindfulness and flow of Yoga into her practice. Renee did the Slings in Motion® course in May 2019 and loves how fascia comes into everyday movement. She brings the concepts of all these movements into her classes and hopes that all who attend feel as amazing in their sessions as she does!

Bryan Mac

Bryan is the co-founder of The Source, has 25 years of experience as an Organisational Development facilitator, Dialogue facilitator, Practitioner for the practice of Truthful speaking and being Authentic, and is a Yoga instructor. Bryan’s most profound learning has come from A Course in Miracles, the channelled works of Bashar and the respective Dialogue practices of both David Bolm and Dr Chris Argyris.

Bianca Volans


Practising Yoga and teaching the art of yoga, brings deep daily joy and reflection into my life and inspires me to remove layers of illusion to discover the true divine self.

I am an ex Joburg gal, loving living in Cape Town with my children and my partner and extended family. It was during my pregnancy with my second child that I discovered Yoga and the beautiful connection it affords mother to child. After the birth of my second child, the Yoga bug had bitten and life had thrown in some valuable lessons – In 2009 I embarked on a 200-hour teacher training with Kerry Weavind at the Haum of Yoga. Further workshops with wonderful inspiring teachers such as Patrick Creelman, Sharon Gannon and David Life, Gurmukh, Sean Corn and travels to India, ignited the passion and yearning to explore and delve deeper into the Yoga practise and its very sacred philosophy. I believe that the practice of Yoga is in ALL we think, speak, and most importantly do and is infinite and that the breath is our connection to the deep well of our infinite Divine Being.

Simone Sittig

Simone Sittig

Founder of the Brain.Body.Balance. technique and Director of Education for the B3 Academy and creator of the ‘Brain-Based pain release workshop’.

I help Pilates instructors, Personal Trainers and Therapists turbo-charge their clients’ results with our B3 techniques in movement and therapy, derived from Functional Neurology, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy and neurokinetic exercises.

I am the developer & founder of the Brain.Body.Balance. myofascial release & neuromuscular assessment technique. I have been teaching & practising B3 in Cape Town, Berlin & worldwide for the past 15 years.

I studied a medical honours degree at the University of Cape Town & qualified in Biokinetics & Exercise Science. I am a scientist at heart but always stay curious about the mysticism of energy & healing.

My passion is in neuro-science & finding ways to retrain the brain in movement, pain management & wellbeing.  My purpose is to help people ease the pain. I have supported hundreds of clients on their healing journey, often cases that were medically hopeless. I believe that healing starts with a belief. Your body heals. Instantly & repeatedly.

Dominique Beaumont

Dominique Beaumont

Dominique is a Pilates, Yoga and Meditation teacher and workshop presenter.
She has been teaching movement for the past 11 years in studios and on retreats in the UK, Europe, America and Africa. She has trained extensively in anatomy, rehabilitation, perinatal exercise, fascial release, breathwork, lymphatic drainage and meditation to cultivate her offering which seamlessly blends movement and meditation, focusing on developing a healthier relationship to ourselves, aligning our bodies, hearts and minds. 

Mike Viljoen

Mike Viljoen

I’m a Personal Trainer, Pilates and Gyrokinesis instructor. I’ve been in the fitness industry for 14 years and discovered the powerful rebalancing & cleansing effects of conscious Breathwork through a holistic retreat that I attended. Since then I’ve become a Breathwork Practitioner & I run weekly Breathwork classes, workshops, as well as private sessions.

Robyn Spacey

Robyn Spacey

The Movement Sanctuary founding member, Robyn has spent the last 13 years embodying the practice of facilitating mindful movement and meditation practises at various studios before opening her own in the heart of Durbanville Hills, Cape Town. In 2013 she ran away to the circus and fell in love with the aerial arts. Her love of moving grew from a Pilates-based practice to include a variety of other practises culminating in a full-bodied affair with facilitating movement as medicine to all bodies.  She utilises different tools, tips and tricks to work with the mind and body in order to inch past the fear zone and find the strength within  She has trained in a diverse array of bodywork including Massage Therapy, Pilates, Brandon Bays Journey Work, Coaching and Yoga teacher training to name a few and  is currently underway in a year-long Ecosomatic Teacher Training where psychotherapy, philosophy and movement meet, taught by Chandler Stevens(USA) 

Gemma Trehearn

Gemma Trehearn

My name is Gemma Trehearn and I have been teaching yoga since 2017. I am 27 years old, and also a professional dancer currently dancing with Cape Town City Ballet. I have danced all my life and enjoyed and loved the practice of yoga since I was in school. I have grown up in Cape Town and am thrilled to call this place my home.

Britt Stroebel

Britt Stroebel

Born from a performing arts background with a strong focus on ballet, contemporary dance and drama, I have been discovering the depth of self through physical expression for most of my life. This expression took a challenging turn in 2010 when I had reconstructive hip surgery, veering my life path in what I see now as a far healthier and more fulfilling direction.

I turned to Pilates as a rehabilitative technique and being inspired by how it completely reformed my own structure, undertook my teacher training, qualifying in Mat and Equipment. Pilates nurtured my body post-surgery and then I found yoga in 2011, discovering how to nurture my mind and heart as well. I believe in finding that harmony within body, heart and mind, in a daily lifestyle practice, and not just in the mat! I have trained in Vinyasa, Restorative and Pre Natal Yoga through my years as a teacher, always aiming to expand my education.

The latest addition to my toolbox is Thai Yoga Massage, discovering a modality of healing through silent touch. Thus uncovering the daily miracle that is the breath. The simple magic of breath now forms the basis of all my teachings, yoga, pilates or massage, as I aspire to spread the knowledge I have accumulated in any small way that I can. Each one, teach one.

Kerry Lyn Marais

Kerry Lyn Marais

Kerry has been practising yoga for more than 15 years & continues to be dedicated to a regular ashtanga Mysore practice. It was her love for yoga and its transformative power that inspired her to complete her Teacher training in 2013. Yoga taught her to embrace life and to be more present allowing for her to find a deeper connection to herself. It is this passion that she wishes to share with others.

Louise Knoop O’Neill 

Louise Knoop O’Neill

Louise is a South African born Life & Movement Coach. 20 years at the forefront of Pilates in Southern Africa have Louise’s “living – moving – being” method optimising key physical well-being indicators for clients. From injury prevention to habitual posture; prehab to pain management; functional fun to executive performance – Louise uses the principle of marginal gains to improve longer-term health and function in any environment.

A former professional dancer with a depth of individual and group facilitation, Louise shares her work via coaching, teacher training and freelance content development.

Chareldi Minnaar

Chareldi Minnaar

I was blessed enough to grow up amongst the trees in a forest on a farm in Stellenbosch, giving my spirit the opportunity to be wild and free. Climbing trees or challenging my body to do the impossible. I took gymnastics and learnt just how fascinating the human body is. It was through these two practices (connecting with Mother Gaia & Gymnastics) that I learnt that there was so much more to life than just the wellbeing of our physical bodies.​

I was introduced to Yoga while studying and experienced a beautiful nostalgic moment from my childhood. It was then that I knew my dream was to one day teach yoga and healing processes through various modalities. I finally completed my 200h YTT course in VINYASA & YIN Yoga in 2019.

There are very few things in life as powerful as self-love, self-care and exploring and delving deep within the wellbeing of your Physical, Emotional, Mental, Energetic and Spiritual body. A complete balance of Mind, Body & Soul.​

It’s a lifestyle, a way of living for me.​

Through these life-changing transformations and deep inner work, my Soul found its purpose in Yoga, Sound Healing, Energy Work & finally the beautiful plant medicine IxCacoa. I now host Yoga, IxCacoa & Sound Healing Ceremonies, Retreats and Workshops. Giving you the opportunity to re-connect to your heart space, explore the depths of your being, re-align your energies and ignite every particle of your existence, as you take on a soul journey.

There is something so rewarding to gifting yourself time to discover your true essence, and allow your body’s movement and breath to guide you, as you flow through your day on or off your mat.​

I am so humbled to share my gifts with divine beings in need of me-time, healing and self-love.​

Love is infinite. We are all love, we are all one.
NaMaste. SatNam. Haux.