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Conscious Movement Education has been established since 2001 and is renowned internationally for presenting quality, in-depth courses and workshops. CME offers teacher training in over 10 countries and is expanding. CME Pilates courses are recognised by REPS and are on the PMA Registry of Schools, while CME Yoga courses are registered with Yoga Alliance.

Our Pilates and Yoga courses are based on the understanding that we are more than the sum of our parts. We provide a strong foundation of anatomy understanding, history of the discipline, principles and fundamentals, and repertoire. We then take our teacher trainees to the next level and teach them how to teach! An emphasis on choreography, cueing, modifications, and teaching skills set CME apart from other courses. And finally, we guide students in recognising the level beyond the purely physical. To ‘plug in’ to the connection between movement and breath… movement and emotion… movement and self. We believe in moving ‘beyond’ simple repertoire and understand that mindfulness plays an essential role in Yoga, Pilates and other movement systems. With this focus, we strive to allow students and clients a great experience of themselves.

As certified Pilates and Yoga teachers, our journeys never end. As we grow on a personal level, our teaching skills and style grow with us. Tutorials and workshops are on offer throughout the year to improve our weak areas, to reinforce our strengths, to challenge ourselves, and to open our eyes to new ways of thinking and moving. Innovative workshops are introduced each year to keep you (and your clients) interested and stimulated.