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16 to 18 February, 2018

The past two years have flown by since our last Conscious Movement Conference and as always, we are excited to welcome you to our next CMC! These weekends are about expanding our knowledge within our respective disciplines… but also about exploring other movements and concepts, networking with other professionals, learning and growing, evolving ourselves in the process and above all…. having fun!

Each presenter brings a unique perspective to the conference and every workshop topic offers an opportunity to re-affirm and question what we ‘know’. It pushes us out of our comfort zones. And makes each of us the best possible teacher/therapist that we can be!

As Bryan and I organize CMC 2018, we looked back and reminisced about the wonderful presenters we’ve welcomed to Cape Town over the past decade. International speakers Elizabeth Larkam, Sebastien Plettenberg, Deborah Lessen, Alan Herdman, Brent Anderson, and Sarah Mottram have all brought their expertise to our shores. And of course we are incredibly proud of the amazing national presenters that have come together in one space…. Ed Botha, Yasmin Lambat, Tanya Thompson, Barbara McCrea, Tania Bownes, Lisa Palmer, Jim Harrington, Stuart Kirton… just to name a few!

So as we launch registrations for our SIXTH Conscious Movement Conference, we are thrilled to welcome Cara Reeser from the United States as our keynote presenter along with a host of renowned local teachers including Theo Botha, Dominique Beaumont, Louise Knoop O’Neill, Shirley Boerssen, Alena Derby, Jani Steyn, Bianca Volans, Michal George, Antoinette Haupt and Taryn Pienaar, Liz Surmon, Valentina Leo, and Ginette de Fleuriot. Between all of us we will cover topics ranging from Pilates to cancer rehabilitation to yoga to martial arts to breathwork to meditation to working with kids… and simply FINDING INSPIRATION!

We look forward to catching up with all our previous delegates and welcoming all our new delegates to The Source Cape Town!
We create an open and inviting space to everyone interested in joining us for the weekend!

Renee and Bryan
Co-Directors of The Source and CME